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Bizibi is a French production company that has financed numerous successful films including Persona non grata, Mariage à Mendoza, Jaffa and recently Alice et le maire. Bizibi was looking to reinforce its identity by adding a more artistic, self-confident dimension. 


MENDELEIEV layed the foundations of Bizibi’s new identity starting with its flying logo, the signature that production houses add at the beginning of every film. Next steps? Create the identity for different Bizibi productions including the synopsis and intentions. 

  • Identity
  • Motion Design
  • Print
image de la planche de recherche de logo pour Bizibi

Redesign Logo

Board of Research Logo for the new Bizibi corporate identity.

Flying logo

Inspired by a nighttime photo of the French city of Calais and accompanied by one of New Order’s band track  for an enigmatic atmosphere. 

Brochure Youv

« Youv »

A series set in the world of prisons. A story that you plunge into and don’t leave… until it’s over.  

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