Vignette Bandeau Kenzo

Kenzo Brandbook

Every season, this haute couture brand presents its new collection of beauty products and perfumes to the media and sector influencers – an ideal opportunity to stand out and make a lasting impression.  

For Kenzo, this means distilling rich, varied content that highlight its values and universe.  To achieve this, MENDELEIEV designed a dedicated app as a digital “jewel case” that plunges users into the brand’s universe. Embodying the alchemy that characterizes Kenzo, the site brings together form and content through the choice of topics, navigation and artistic approach.  

  • Digital
  • Press Relations

Digital brand book

The word “immersion” takes on new meaning. Using a special code, users open the magic door and dive into the world of Kenzo. Superimposed Kenzo patterns appear and disappear, titles come to life and everything moves to make this digital experience more real. Product descriptions mix with interviews from Mr. Takada himself and photographer Patrick Guedj, as well as short films and larger-than-life images.

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