Ballet Technologies


Ballet, the world leader in percutaneous electrolysis needles for permanent hair removal, wanted to “get a makeover” by refreshing its image. The objective for this American brand: to establish a clear message highlighting the unique finish of its “Made in France” products and to develop an aesthetic in line with its premium positioning.

Wishing to highlight its “French Touch”, mixing elegance and sobriety, Ballet logically turned to a French agency. We designed a 3D motion film to magnify the shape, material and specificity of these tiny needles. A simple concept made it possible to reinforce the historical identity of the brand featuring a ballerina: “A perfect shape for a perfect movement”.

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Digital
  • Motion Design

The Flying logo


The animation of the logo is none other than the revelation of a ballerina taking shape. The transition from a wire silhouette, evoking the extreme finesse of needles, to a full and robust figure.

The Film

The film presents the Ballet needle range from all angles. He especially emphasizes the interest of “monoblock” instruments, that is to say made in one piece, via a short demonstration of what happens under the skin, thanks to a hyper-realistic artist’s view.

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