POINT.P Jeunes Artisans

Starting a business is a challenge, particularly in the construction trades: managing your accounts, developing your projects, convincing the banks… so many difficulties that young craftsmen face. Building on its leading position, POINT.P wanted to launch the “Young Artisan Pack” made up of a range of dedicated services.

MENDELEIEV was contacted for the recruitment campaign for these Young Artisans on social networks. We designed and wrote a saga of 3 short films, to remind these young people that they “deserve all the attention”. How ? By putting them in the spotlight, during totally offbeat press conferences. Their fame and success obviously owe a lot to the strengths of the pack. An in-house production signed Blast Production.

  • Advertising
  • Film
  • Print

Film 1 : “The Pro”

Jean Guy, a gifted but reserved craftsman, and very moved by his invoicing application.

Film 2 : “The Activist”

Lola, certified Recognized Environmental Guarantor and become an energy renovation activist.

Film 3 : ”The Influencer”

Stan, a smooth-talking influencer who boosted his visibility thanks to the Pack.

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