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MicroMega is a centennial company from the east of France that has built an international reputation in the field of orthodontic instruments.

MENDELEIEV has been working with the brand since it joined the Swiss group Coltene in 2019. This transformation has had a major impact on the company’s B2B communication, which targets buyers and distributers across the globe. The challenge? Facilitate the transition and redesign product communication tools before harmonizing the ranges and optimizing institutional communication since 2021.  

  • Digital
  • Motion Design
  • Trade Marketing

MicroMega Channel

MENDELEIEV developed a dedicated site using the graphic and editorial codes of a news site. The aim? Reassure different audiences about the impact of the changes on their relationship with MicroMega including product updates, ERP and customer service. The approach? Didactic and accessible using articles, videos and infographics.


Motion film to explain the aims of corporate ERP system switch. 

Remover file launch

Embodying the innovation and savoir-faire unique to MicroMega, the Remover – a high-precision file for removing resin-based fillings – was chosen to begin this communication redesign. 

One RECI file launch

An innovation and a high-precision file for root canal anatomy shaping 

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