Oppo Christmas

Oppo is one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers. The Chinese brand arrived in France in 2018, quickly making a name for innovation and careful design inspired by the motto “technology is an art form”. 

Oppo France asked MENDELEIEV to implement a European social media campaign for the winter holiday season to connect with its community and drive engagement. This campaign targeted a young, techy audience always on the lookout for the next trend. The brief? Bring a smile by wrapping Oppo and its innovations in the magic of Christmas.    

  • Design
  • Social Media

Viral campaign: Lighting up the night with Oppo

Each visual depicted an Oppo phone during one of the key days (or rather nights) of the winter holiday season. Each post focused on innovative features of the chosen phone model e.g. night mode, screen width or camera resolution. 

Xmas Eve and Xmas Day

The first post launched the concept giving a glimpse of “Christmas future”, the second focused on Santa’s visit and third referred to the presents left under the tree.  

26 December - Boxing Day

In some countries, like the UK, the 26th December is a special day when the annual sales start. The first post set the stage, asking whether you’re ready to snap up bargains. The second suggested that you’d need to fight your way through the crowds to find them.  

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

The 31st is party time. The first post reminded us that we need to “make some noise” and get ready to dance the night away. The second, celebrated New Year’s Day, the Oppo way.  

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