The energy renovation of homes has become one of the major issues of this century. Therefore, who better than POINT.P, the French leader in construction materials for the Saint-Gobain group, could make it their hobby horse? Time for “ENERGY RENOVATION ACTION”.

To maximize the impact of the operation, a general public social media system was designed with the media Konbini and Booder as a guest, a famous french humorist.

In the 3 films written and directed by MENDELEIEV, Booder plays the intelligent idiot, a Mr. “Everyone” with his preconceived ideas. In front of him, a brand expert who is “not here to laugh”. A powerful duo for astonishing dialogue and relevant message to deliver.

  • Digital
  • Film
  • Social Media
  • Strategy

It all starts with an energy diagnosis, the EPC

 “A, B… like Booder!”

Insulating well means protecting yourself from both cold and heat

“And evil spirits, too!”

State aid, training aid and more if you like

“Okay… So is there a way?” 

The summary in Konbini version

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